All-on-four, For Fixing Screwed Prosthesis

The “all-on-four” treatment concept was developed to maximize the use of available remnant bone in atrophic jaws. This procedure is indicated in patients who have already been fully edentulous for at least one year before the procedure. The protocol uses four implants in the anterior part of completely edentulous jaws to support a provisional, fixed and immediately loaded provisional prosthesis (in some of the patients).

In the all-on-four technique, acrylic prostheses are used for mechanical reasons since ceramic prostheses exert too much force on the implants

during the osseointegration stage. These prostheses are screwed, as provisional prostheses that can be used at the moment, but in a period of not

more than 3 months the definitive acrylic ones will have to be manufactured.

It is recommended that screwed acrylic protheses be removed by the specialist a minimum of once a year for cleaning and revision throughout

their life, and eventually be restored in order to maintain your masticatory capacity and the beauty of your smile.
This procedure is performed in an operating room and under IV sedation overseen by a certified anesthesiologist who specializes in this type of surgery.

Scheduled Checkups With Doctor
1 day after surgery
– Post-operative examination
– Food restrictions
– Can travel abroad 5 days later
– Avoid swimming and spa for 1 month
– Correction of bite of the screwed prosthesis

1 week after surgery
– Post-operative examination
– Remove stitches

2 to 3 months after surgery
– CT scan examination
– Definitive fabrication of final prosthesis

• Your body’s rejection of the
dental implant
• Bone loss around the
dental implant
• Poor osseointegration of the
• Certain fixation screws of
the prosthesis coming

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