As with any other surgery, even though the skill of the surgeon and the efficiency of modern science may help to minimize the incidence of side effects, complications may be an

unavoidable part of the experience. Therefore, it is important for every patient to be well-informed of the risks involved with dental implants.

Complications are additional medical problems that arise following surgery and are usually infection (0.4%) or flap (0.244%) related. In the case of side effects, incidence is dependent more on the initial degree of dental implant surgery and other risk factors associated

with the individual, the most common of which is local inflammation within 72 hours after surgery.

While there can be no guarantee against their occurrence, KEMMClinic* has taken strategic measures to minimize the incidence and effects of complications, emphasizing Prevention, Early Detection and Management.

At the conclusion of the surgery, your surgeon will perform a final examination to confirm the results of the procedure before you leave the center. Antibiotics and pain killers will be

prescribed to control infection and inflammation. With checkups scheduled at critical junctures of your recovery, your doctor will be able to monitor the healing progress and also

watch for the development of any post-surgery complications.

The KEMMClinic* Lifetime Care Plan is yet another carefully conceived effort to offer our patients the best possible care and welfare in the face of life’s uncertainties. The details of the

plan, along with various possible side effects and complications, will be discussed in depth
during your session with our surgery counselor.

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