Digital guided surgery for dental implant placement

The placement of a dental implant requires meticulous care in both the planning and execution stages. Detailed planning is best achieved using digital 3D X-ray technology.

The 3D scan enables us to visualize the potential implant site and any adjacent anatomic structures that are important to avoid. By combining the 3D X-ray with an optical scan of your teeth, we can get a very accurate virtual model with which to plan your case. The implant diameter and length, angulation, whether bone grafting will be needed, and the type of final restoration are all considered. Essentially, the surgery is digitally outlined ahead of time to make sure there are no nasty surprises when actually placing the implant.

Once we are satisfied that we have planned your surgery optimally, the information that we
have on file may then be used to make special guided surgical stents, where required, for
the actual surgery.

At KEMMClinic* we have the most advanced digital technology worldwide for both digital planning and the manufacture of surgical guides created and developed by the Korean company DIO* under the brand name DIONavi.

It is important to talk with your implantologist if this technology is necessary in your particu-
lar case, as the use of this medical tool requires more time for planning and the manufacture of the guide.

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