Comfortable. Fast. ​​High Technology. This is KEMM Full Arch.

If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, dental implants are an excellent option to get back your smile and chewing ability.

¿Why is it different KEMM CLINIC?

Nuestro procedimiento de arcada completa con implantes es:

  • 100% digital customized,
  • Minimally invasive.
  • There is no surgical incision.

Recovery is quick, without the complications which involves an incision-based procedure.

Dr. Alejadro Aguilar, is a renowned implantologist worldwide and is head of KEMM Clinic.

doctor kemm clinic

The procedure is comfortable and with less possibilities of complications. It is accurate and fast, in just two hours is completed.

Recovery can be slow and uncomfortable due to inflammation and risk of infection.

DIOnavi UV Technology

KEMM Full Arch offers you:


COMFORTABLE No incision = quick healing

No one wants to feel uncomforablet. By removing the surgical incision, the associated discomfort and inherent risks of oral surgery are eliminated. DIOnavi UV activation technology improves and stimulates the osseointegration of the implant, making rehabilitation much faster.


HIGH TECHNOLOGY 100% digital. Personalized

With the procedures carried out through digital technology, the accuracy is unmatched and all inherent risks of surgery are largely eliminated.


QUICKNESS New teeth in 2 hours

In most cases in totally edentulous patients the procedure can be as short as in two hours, including: implant placement and fixation of the prosthesis. The patient comes out smiling and being able to start eating food.

Live Surgery

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Other Treatments

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