Presentation General Director

Medical Director and Founder
of KEMMClinic*

Graduated from Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City in 1983. During his career he has conducted multiple research projects and submitted his fieldwork for international publications. Certified in Dental Implants by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
Awarded the International Excelsis Award* in 2012, represented by 33 countries, for outstanding professional performance and contribution to the field of Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry.
Dr. Alejandro Aguilar authored several manuals and protocols in the fields of Plastic, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. He is a frequent lecturer on the subject and many of the most famous smiles we see in films and on television were designed in his private practice. Furthermore, he collaborates in several Academic and Medical Associations, allowing him to consult the manufacturing companies which develop dental implants, cosmetic products and materials.
He is presently serving as General Director at the Research Center in Biomaterials and BioTechnology VIOTECHNO. Dr. Aguilar is currently considered an international figure in Oral Aesthetics as well as Dental Implantology.
Dr. Aguilar has trained doctors on five continents, and the doctors in his private practice were trained by him with very high standards, to ensure that procedures are carried out with the worldclass quality of his techniques which have generated international recognition and awards.

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