The cost of health care in the U.S. is always rising. That is why Americans are increasingly turning to medical tourism for more affordable options. The most common options in the past for medical tourism where countries like Thailand. Nowadays more and more Americans are starting to look toward Mexicofor medical and dental treatments.


Because Mexico is closer and the doctors and dentist in Mexico are the qualified as same as in the U.S.

Historically Mexico City and Monterrey have been known for their medical tourism. In these main cities of Mexico and mostly in Mexico City all the top specialists have their clinics.

According to the Medical Tourism Index from 2017, 66% of Mexico’s 4,500 hospitals are privately owned.

Mexico’s proximity to the United States gives the private health care system the opportunity of looking outside the destination for incremental business.

As Mexico continues to capitalize on its closeness to the U.S. market, the destination maintains a cost advantage when paired with its cheap labor market,» the Index reports. Also Mexico City is one of the favorites, because of its rich culture, options for every kind of traveler, and safety.

Medical tourism works exclusively in the private sector. For the types of procedures that patients are looking for, like dental implants, Mexico City is well equipped,».

More and more accommodations are starting to equip themselves with resources to handle medical travelers, as well. Options like care homes or hotels that hire a medical staff are becoming more popular.

Mexico has been growing so fast as a medical tourism destination, because there is erally good culture of customer service. It’s not only the doctors or dentists, but the staff also have a natural warmth and a welcoming sense that patients can feel.

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